Game-changers to life-changers.

Our vision : Promoting excellence in chess and life by training our children’s hearts and minds.

Learn to play chess from top professional coaches in the country.

Chess is not just a game, but a healthy state-of-mind acquired through rigorous training and discipline. Since 1998, ACA has been at the fore-front to revolutionize the way chess is taught, to help both boys and girls win at their games as well as their lives.

Led from the front by coaches with impeccable career records, our students have competed in state, national and international tournaments. Our impressive record of student champions reflect our commitment to take chess training to the next level, helping our students to be game-changers and hence life-changers.

American Chess Academy Coaches

Our team of experienced professional coaches not just understand the game, but carefully train your mind to align your game
with your natural instincts.

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Watch how at ACA, your child will learn to start thinking, acting and aiming for excellence in the game of chess, and beyond.