Planting the seed to become future chess champions through our in-house training programs.

At ACA, we believe in offering an opportunity to every child to excel in their own way. Our training programs are designed not only to teach them the tactics of chess, but also the importance of practice and hard work.

Based on their skill-sets and their current exposure to the game of chess, we have tailor-made training programs to achieve the best for every child.

ACA Academy Programs

Innovative programs to give you a fabulous headstart.

Check out what fits you the best.
here’s something for everyone who has a passion for chess.

Our in-house ACA programs are designed to train you reach a level from where you can take a good shot
to be a specialized chess player. Some of our training topics include:

  • King & Rook Checkmate
  • Pawn Promotion
  • Center Board
  • Piece movement
  • Castling & Development
  • Pawn Structure
  • Checkmate & Stalemate
  • Object of the game
  • Piece Value & Exchange
  • Checkmate with two rooks
  • In-Your-Face & Back-Rank Checkmate Patterns
  • Draws
  • Piece Development
  • Introduction to Checkmates
  • Endgame Basics

ACA Private Coaching

Innovative programs to give you a fabulous headstart.

Stay ahead of the game by subscribing to the private coaching sessions from ACA – your big-ticket to big career in the game of chess.

If you’re seriously considering chess as your game, then more than us, you know how important it is to work on your weaknesses until they become strengths, and on your strengths until they become automatic. ACA designs tailor-made private training based on your natural and acquired skills – training that will take you where you are aiming for tomorrow from where you are today.

As some of our ace students have confessed, they perhaps grew more as a player in their first private session than an entire season of teamplay.

Is it really time for you to move into private coaching? Consider this:

Once you know you want to grow deep in chess, you need someone who understands your game & strategies, and help you grow in it – focusing exclusively on your improvement everyday.

Our coaches have strong experience in the game of chess. They understand the game both in their mind and body ( yes, it’s true for chess!) and can coach players to boost performance at both levels.

It helps you to move your game from a step-by-step progress to leaps – the key to survive at fiercely competitive national and international tournaments today.


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